AlDowayan Holding seeks to advance sustainability through three interrelated circles—the environmental circle, the community circle, and the economic circle—each of which supports the others.

By streamlining its activities and bringing them into compliance with both local and international regulations, AlDowayan aims to increase environmental sustainability while also boosting the quality of human life.

AlDowayan Holding is focused on promoting economic sustainability and is interested in securing capital, raising living standards, making the best use of its resources, and diversifying its income sources through implementing compliance, governance and risk management policies.

AlDowayan Holding Company has been reliant on fundamental values in its activities since the company's founding in the middle of the past century. These values are the pillars that have secured and continue to assure its ongoing prosperity in various markets.

Knowledge Creates Opportunities

AlDowayan Holding believes that knowledge is essential, particularly in investment activities, because it's important to understand market trends and needs and even anticipate them in order to create an investment opportunity. Once one has been created, it's then important to know how to deal with the circumstances surrounding it in order to select the best strategy for taking advantage of, maintaining, and turning that opportunity into a financial return.

Energized by Communities

The communities in which AlDowayan Holding operates are our source of vitality and the fountain from which we draw our inspiration to grow into a powerful institutional body.

Sustainability Guarantees Growth

AlDowayan Holding views sustainability as a growth engine and perceives its institutional future in the new opportunities and possibilities it regenerates, so we continually seek to expand its scope and maintain its efficiency by providing it with the resources it requires.

AlDowayan Holding navigates based on its confident future vision, grounded in the reality of its amassed expertise, and by making use of its growing capabilities to foresee new market trends and requirements. To ensure revenue diversification, capital protection, and profit maximization, it allocates its assets wisely and creatively and expands into new industries and target audiences. To achieve this, AlDowayan's team set up specialist investing arms to handle its numerous shares and popular brands.

Tazayud Real Estate, supported by the solid tradition of AlDowayan Holding spanning five decades, is one of the most inventive enterprises in the field of creating celebrated urban landmarks in various parts of the Kingdom. Tazayud has created and continues to create appealing modern destinations that meet personal, social, and productive needs in the housing, business, commerce, and entertainment sectors.

Tazayud Real Estate also takes pride in serving the needs of people, families, and society in all aspects of life. It aims to redefine urban living by developing high-quality residential and commercial communities with smart future technologies that support the values of sustainability and integration in an urban and natural environment that is compatible with current international standards and specifications.

AlDowayan Holding acquires private stakes in a variety of rising organizations in well-researched sectors with the goal of obtaining higher returns in the medium and long term. The allocation of investments is based on the company's financial status, future potential, quantitative growth, and qualitative development. These are some of AlDowayan's most significant investments.

The Down Town application strives to be the best option for online shopping from malls and retail shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by bringing sellers and customers together in one place. The application facilitates services such as reviewing products, ordering, and delivery from member stores, as well as taking advantage of benefits and discounts. The platform has a broad selection of products and payment options that are continuously improved and expanded, which helps to expand the number of merchants and consumers that use it.

Kaya is a major Saudi e-commerce site serving the beauty and personal care sectors. It started with a direct-to-consumer sales approach and was able to increase the percentage of e-sales through collaboration with international companies in the beauty and personal care industries. Kaya focuses on delivering e-commerce solutions and logistics services. In its investment portfolio, it has more than five brands in addition to a group of e-stores, the most prominent of which is the Aynma store.

Diyafa Hotel and Apartments maintains a range of hotel activities and tourist resorts, and it is eager to bolster its business in line with the most recent approaches in hotel and tourist resort management. Diyafa presently maintains more than 20 hotels and brands and is looking to broaden its portfolio. It also plans to develop locally and regionally, as well as grow globally at all levels of structure, leadership, and expansion.