Real Estate Investment

Since its founding, Shaikh Ali bin Abdulaziz AlDowayan and his sons have led AlDowayan Holding in a pursuit of innovation and optimized operations in the real estate sector. Through decades of perseverance, they have demonstrated their ability to forge a new path in this crucial economic field, succeeding through the various stages of real estate market development and the various challenges they faced.

Today, following the introduction of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, AlDowayan Holding has started to build on the successes made in order to support the vital mechanisms for carrying out the objectives of this national vision. Currently, it's actively targeting a variety of levels and fields with all the expertise, knowledge, and resources at its disposal. 

Hayat Rise

A bright, futuristic concept, Hayat Rise offers unique residential complexes with luxurious features. It provides those looking for modern homes with spacious interiors, high-end standards, as well as optimum comfort from ownership to after-sales services.

Hayat Villa

Hayat Villa luxury residential experiences are aimed at those looking for an exceptional lifestyle in high-end, full-service communities to enjoy modern designs, hefty spaces, lush landscapes, as well as comprehensive guarantees and after-sales services.


Hayat Walk is the icon of joy and entertainment which constantly works to offer more modern recreational options. Hayat Walk targets various segments while keeping pace with the quality of life to offer the utmost happiness to the Saudi families.

Al Hayat Plaza

Al Hayat Plaza is a famous landmark and one of the largest markets in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Founded more than 30 years ago by the late Shaikh Ali AlDowayan, Al Hayat Plaza is recognized for its exquisite traditional design and exceptional shopping experience, hosting many retail outlets in addition to a children's entertainment area as well as a popular blend of international restaurants and high-end cafes.


Al Noor Square, Dammam City's newest shopping and lifestyle destination, features a modern design and a perfect blend of retail experiences, as well as commercial spaces of various sizes.


A luxurious lifestyle hub overlooking Khobar's waterfront on the lively Prince Turki Avenue in the heart of the city. It is the most appealing venue for individuals looking for pleasure, entertainment, and a good time with friends and family.


At Hayat Business Gate, we inspire your world and business in an integrated professional environment. Offering the best in the corporate sector and administrative complexes to create incubators for creativity, we give large and emerging enterprises the perfect space to innovate spontaneously and constantly.